RISER microducts, each with low friction performance are suitable for fiber blowing. The RISER microduct is surrounded with a sheath of RISER material, giving excellent performance in a fire. The lightweight, metal-free, flexible RISER microduct is intended for indoor installation.

  • Indoor use with flame retardant properties(IEC 60332 Part 1&3)
  •  Low smoke emissions
  •  Contains no Halogens.
  •  Low friction internal coating for maximum fiber blowing distance?

UL 2024 Standard for Signaling, Optical Fiber and Communications Raceways and Cable  Routing Assemblies Riser Listed Certificate
This certification is a requirement for indoor microduct installations that are placed in the  building riser raceway in the USA.

“These requirements cover the following types of signaling raceways, optical fiber raceways and communication raceways and fittings designed for use with signaling, optical fiber and communications
 and CATV cables and cable routing assemblies and fittings designed for use with optical fiber, communications, CATV, and network-powered broadband communications cables in accordance  with Article 770 of the  National Electrical Code ( NEC)

All Knet Microduct has the excellent blowing performance with a silicone coated inner tube.


5/3.5mm   1,2,4,7,12,19,24+1 way
8/6 mm     1,2,4,7way
10/8 mm   1,2,4,7 way
12/10 mm 1,2,4,7 way
** configuration can be customized. 

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