Infrastructure Sharing

The Municipality Led an Open Access Network

Pilot Project Ring Dago H3, Indonesia (March-May 2015)


The Bandung city mayor declared to stop the fiber optic infrastructure deployment since there were a lot of issues and sprawling network constructions from the several operators. 

Moreover, the  municipality did not allow random excavation anymore, mainly due to severe traffic jam. Thus, the infrastructure needed to be shared by the operators and construction had to be done in a short time. 

Used Products ad Trenching Method

Results and Conclusion

  • Less traffic disruption.
  • Bandwidth expansion required an easy and simple process for the maintenance system. It enabled operators to be able to simply add optical fiber by using air blowing system. As a result, operators could save CAPEX/OPEX.
  • 7 way (7 tubes) was designed for sharing the duct, which is called “Common Duct.” 2 tubes were for telecommunication providers and one was for the city. The remaining 4 tubes were reserved for the future use.