OSP Infrastructure

Smart City OSP infrastructure

Free Zone Colón, Panama 2013


Due to excessive amount of cables on the power line poles,  the telecommunications regulator did not allow to install anymore aerial FO cables in the city. The service provider    decided to investigate the option to go underground and the conclusion was to do mini  trench 

Used Products 

Results and Conclusion

  • Microduct was a perfect solution to meet Service provider requirements and government requirements.

  • Mini trench 70 mm wide and 500 mm deep, was the construction process chosen which proved to be very successful under the government requirements and the service provider needs.

  • The Service provider wanted a high count fiber optic infrastructure without spending a large amount of money up front, but considering high volume growth.

  • Smart-City application developed continuously so the future expansion was essential.    

          Thus, microduct was ideal for Smart-City passive infrastructure.

  • All prefab manholes were placed off road on the side walk eliminating future disruption   of traffic.

  • Construction started every morning and ended at 6 pm without leaving open trench.

  • With the multiple tubes, the service provider was able to establish several different redundant fiber optic rings to connect 38 pop sites thru out the city.

  • The company saved around 2 Million USD on the construction.